Have you ever looked in the mirror and wanted a better smile, however, you wince at the thought of having braces?

With Invisalign people will not know you are straightening your teeth unless you tell them! The aligners are removable, allowing you to eat anything you want and brush your teeth better. Your Kingston and Hudson orthodontist, Dr. Greg Efros, has a lot of experience using Invisalign and even had Invisalign done on himself.

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Why Would I Want it?

There are no metal brackets or wires to tighten. The clear aligners are virtually invisible to other people so no one will notice you are wearing the aligners. The aligners are also removable, which means you can eat what you want, brush your teeth with ease and floss with no problems. With the complete, virtual treatment plan, you can see the anticipated results before even starting your treatment.

How does it work?

Using modern 3-D imaging technology, a custom set of aligners is made for you. Every two weeks, you switch to a new aligner. As you switch aligners, your teeth gradually and comfortably shift, resulting in a beautiful smile. Dr. Efros will have you come by their office every six weeks to confirm the progress of your treatment. On average, you will be in treatment for 9–15 months and wear 18–30 different aligners. However, actual treatment times will depend on your particular case.

Eat What You Want

Ever hear that you won’t be able to eat anything with braces? Not with Invisalign. Because it is completely removable, you can eat all your favorites, from corn on the cob to popcorn or apples.

Worried That Invisalign Will Interfere with Extracurriculars?

Not only are the aligners removable, they are very durable. Invisalign will not interfere with any of your extracurricular activities. No matter if you are acting, playing soccer, running cross country or part of the school band, Invisalign will let you continue to do all the activities you love.
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